October 4, 2008

sweater reconstruction

hello there... happy saturday.
my roomie and i spent it with 'neon' pancakes (her fantastic idea... the pink ones were gorgeous in reality... the photos don't do them justice). i didn't even know mccormick made neon dye... in the end they work more like a pastel dye, at least in the case of pancake batter, anyway.

i think she wanted to show me up in the kitchen creativity department... last night i managed to concoct stir-fry sauce out of grape juice, coke, sugar, soy sauce, lemon juice, chicken broth, and ginger. but that's not the point of my post, so moving on...

i am almost done with my latest 'ditch-clothes-i'm-not-wearing-or-turn-them-into-new-clothes' project. last time i was at home with my family, i rediscovered a sweater from long ago in perfect condition. it was an ivory cable knit boat-necked pullover from the Gap (i neglected to take a picture of it in its original state, oops) and i think the last time i wore it i was at the Ensemble Christmas party. those of you who know what that means will consequently know how long ago that was. it was too boat-necked, and a little too ivory.

and now, ta-da, the re-vamp! last time i was at the vogue fabrics (in evanston) i picked up some remnant squares of gorgeous thai silk in a lovely rose color. now I have the nicest cardigan coming together, giving anthroplogie a run for their money. i just need an opinion. should i stick with a plain silk border, like so:

or should i add a little crinkly ivory ribbon, for interest, like so:

at the moment i am planning on using little fasteners to keep it together. or maybe just one button on the very top. let me know what you think!



lora said...

absolutely adorable sweater, what a neat concept! i vote against the crinkle ribbon, though.
pancakes look delicious!! ;)

SB said...

oooh sarah go with the bottom, i LOVE the paneling option, beautiful

Cassie said...

I like it without the ivory strip and I really like the one button at the top idea...very antrho