October 6, 2008

fabric, pioneers, possibilities.

many thanks for the comment (thanks, lora, i should say) and some of your in person/phonecall opinions on my sweater. i opted to leave off on the crinkly ribbon for a simpler look. it's such a refreshing update on something i would have otherwise had to give away.

when i bought that pretty silk you saw on said sweater, i also scooped up a bunch of other awesome remnants. some of them i bought with specific things in mind... one knit fabric is a perfect match to a t-shirt cardigan i made a few weeks ago, so i am thinking of re-working that project to incorporate it. (thus, a future post!)

another is a really neat african print that i want to turn into a nice tiered skirt.

and then i went in for the guilty pleasure of buying up a bunch of pioneer prints. everyone knows i own every single season of Little House on the Prairie, and when you're as personally invested in the Ingalls as I am, you end up having pioneer clothes envy. i couldn't resist going in for some classic prints.

and this is going to be a table runner, i think.


Cassie said...

I LOVE the first print for the T-shirt cardigan and can't wait for that post. As for the ivory sweater...you said it was a pull over, did you just cut it down the middle to add the paneling?

SB said...

oh my goodness. one of my favorite parts of lhotp (besides the drama and wholesome'ness and manly! oh manly) is the fashion. the plaits, the gingham cinched dresses are so western cool. sigh. i can't wait to see what you do with all of the fabric! you must make a high collared dress like laura's.

papermoon said...

for cassie: yep, i just went down the middle. it's a knit, so ideally you'd want to immediately get some bias tape on there to prevent unraveling. I just went with the same principle with the silk and basically just made some very wide, silky, bias tape and stitched it right on.

with something like a stretchy t-shirt you can really just cut it down the middle... it will just curl, not fray. it looks really cute. i will post a picture of one of mine asap for you.

papermoon said...

for sb: i wish i was talented enough!!!!! you and your fashion seeking talent should be all over finding one already in stores... i will be checking your blog.