October 10, 2008

all the food in the fridge

so, as i was headed back east for the weekend, i decided it would be financially (and olifactorily?) important for me to turn all the existing food i had into more lasting items of nourishment.

at 10 pm.

so, i spent all of last night making tomato soup and pickling ONE cucumber. i need to learn to 'get over it' and stop doing dumb things like this. but it is sort of satisfying to know that i won't return to a bunch of old, questionable food. (or mold in my coffee maker. that's a story for another day.)

i did a quick job with the tomato soup, just roasting up the roma tomatoes i had with some garlic and dried basil and olive oil, of course (in the oven) and then pureeing them in my food processor. i cheated and added a can of diced tomatoes, too.

as for the cucumber, i can't remember which website i got the recipe from. i ended up culling together a few, really... i wanted to make it a sort of pickled salad... scandinavian style. so it was a sweet, allspice-y brine.

i pretty much just kosher salted the cukes and let them drain, and then squeezed out the extra moisture before putting them in a pyrex full of brine and sticking it all in the fridge.

this picture leaves nothing out... that right there is all the food i left in my apartment!

(yep, that's a bottle of brine)

so all i had left to do...

was do the dishes!

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