April 30, 2009

taking in my little black dress, drinking coffee, before venturing out into the fog for work.

what a funny life!


April 29, 2009

my cousin's film company.

hey there readers... help publicize my cousin and 'become a fan' of his film company on facebook. he's a multi-talented fellow (writes, makes films, takes excellent still photos) and he's my relative, so clearly he's a superior fellow. :)

just click the link to get to his page!


a wonderful way to start the day

please go watch this--i couldn't embed it:

stand by me, around the world

basically whoever it is that produced this took street performers contributions to one song, around the world, to make one really excellent version of ben e. king's song. and the result is like one of those olympics commercials that makes you cry. awesome.



April 28, 2009

anthropologie-inspired headbands

anthropologie is a great source for research.

i love to window shop there and get ideas, especially for crafting fun gifts for friends.

a few weeks ago, my friend leigh admired these headbands, which fetch a mean price of anywhere from 32.00 to 38.00.

i decided to whip up my own version for her birthday.

i just put together some fabric flowers with bead accents, sewed them onto a fabric strip base, and then attached them to the headbands with a series of tight thread loops. they looked adorable in her hair this weekend!

here are a few detail shots.

sorry about the blurry one. i think i need a new camera.

make yourself some! spring has sprung!


April 23, 2009

summer job excitement

moving is such an emotional rollercoaster!

after a few hours of being alternately weepy and determinedly optimistic over the phone to my accommodating mother last night, this morning am just laughing at the ups and downs of my psyche as it attempts to deal with change. never been my forte!

in any case, my chin has been up quite a bit higher about everything since nailing down my plans for the summer. (my job search has actually been a lot more fruitful, in general, since i directed it to NJ.)

this june i will be running the art (and possibly cooking!) end of things at a day camp at my elementary school. it's extra exciting because this drop-in day camp is a new idea for the program, so i get a lot of freedom in terms of what i want to teach. plus, it's little tykes: likely K-2nd grade, which will be delightful.

then, in july and early august, i will be the 2D/3D art director at the SIG day program at Stuart Country Day in princeton. 4th, 5th, and 6th graders...very exciting... and i get to set the curriculum, which should be a great challenge. comparable to my current work at the Children's Musuem, but with a bit of an older set.

here's what i dug up... this appears to be where i will set up shop:

i am especially excited about the campus of Stuart. during the school year, it is an all-girls Sacred Heart school, and one i am especially interested in. i actually applied for the summer position so i could scope out their campus...part of my long term interest in all-girls education.

the website has a really neat 'architectural tour':
take a tour of the pretty things!

alright-- off to get dressed and such for my current job. can't get ahead of myself!


April 20, 2009

i can't stop laughing!

i love insidecatholic.com, and i read it almost every day. the site is basically a collecting forum for various opinion pieces, editorials, news briefs, and informational articles and reviews as relates to Catholicism (Church and culture).

on sundays, there is usually a "Sunday Comics" post--which I don't often read. it's a fun novelty, as the man who updates it takes his offerings from archives and most of the comics are from the 50's, which means they have a very sweet, classic look (and some hilarious slang).

i went on this morning and felt drawn to the comic because it was so utterly random--it's about 'spring cleaning'! for whatever reason, i think it's hilarious.

i hope you all enjoy 'patsy manners' and her great ideas. hahah.

check out the rest of the panels (the full comic) here: patsy manners.


April 19, 2009

today is

this beautiful foggy rainy view

this collection of rainy day paraphenelia

and this new delicious experience

five is haagen daz ice cream's new contribution to the 'natural', 'getting back to homemade but still buying things' movement. and i am 100% on board. today, absolutely nothing could have prevented me from eating ice cream. nothing. and when i hopped over to treasure island to peruse the options, the font on the carton really stuck out. and i am glad it did--the ginger ice cream left me dying to try the other flavors! and i am a sucker for the REAL FOOD ingredients on the nutrition information...ice cream i can feel good about.

and now, off to church!


April 18, 2009

chicks from a chick

look at this hilarious gift i got from some chick:

i laughed so hard. the eyes on those things...they get me every time.

more to come later--the weather's nice and such!


April 14, 2009

weeks upon weeks.

been two weeks!

i had a few rounds of visitors--this has been my record year--and then a trip home to celebrate Easter. work has been busy as well; today is day one of the workshop i have been writing. wish me luck.

i haven't been too crafty as of late. more overwhelmed than creative. sometimes overwhelmed with joy, but a bit crazy as well. the lingering sinus issues weren't helping either. however, after today's class my life should be more predictable and may in fact reclaim that illusion of being master of my own schedule. the fascinating trip to the ENT i had last week may also prevent further maladious sick days--who knew heartburn and digestive problems are connected to sinus infections?!!

i will likely be posting quite a bit in the next month, as i have decided to really embrace a joyful 'carpe diem' sensibility and really blast into spring with lots of creativity and fun trip-taking.

you see, i am moving away from my dear chicago in five weeks.

i think i have known i would be moving for quite some time. my funds are exceedingly low--basically, i am long-term borrowing at the moment-- and i have no prospects, career wise, in chicago. i kept my fingers crossed and tried not to think about where i would be headed when my lease ran out, but at a certain point you have to face the facts. i will be moving home with my parents, in NJ, memorial day weekend. it feels very soon.

of course, i am sad. chicago is my favorite city, and the last nearly five years have been wonderful and very formative. i am trying not to look at this like a closing door, and i am certainly not silly enough to think i can never come back. but at this point, this is the right decision. an economy like this certainly doesn't justify my being such a financial burden on my parents, and i can do all the job searching i have been doing here just as well from my little town in jersey.

and i will dearly miss everyone here in chicago. but i will be near the family i miss all the time. i suppose life isn't simple enough to allow for a moment where you don't feel like someone is missing.

in any case, i intend to make the most of the remaining weeks in the windy city. i just wish the weather would cheer up instead of preemptively mourning the loss of me!