October 8, 2008

camera issues!

well... something is going wrong with my camera. or my computer. they are not recognizing eachother, and so i haven't been able to post anything i'd been hoping to. i am still alive!
i am troubleshooting the issue today and i am determined to get things working by tonight, and then post like crazy.

for your enjoyment, while i figure this out, the wonderful feist, teaming up another wonderful thing--sesame street. i especially love this because 4 is my life long favorite number.

1 comment:

SB said...

that is the cutest ever. i knew she was on the street but never watched it. i want to have kids...like right now. i even bought a "hip mom" skirt from jcrew.
a little below the knee length? check
a little baggy around the waist because you know you need to be able to run around the playground? check
a super bright color so your kids can find you/all stains barely show up? check

love you!