October 20, 2008

Noble Tree Coffee

well, i have found the coffee shop of my dreams.

everything about noble tree is perfect. it is NOT fancy, but it does not smell bad. it is NOT noisy, but there is music--hipster fare--tastefully chosen--on the first floor. which gives a person the option of being where the tunes are, or of going upstairs--the place is three floors--where it is basically silent.

the furniture is thought out perfectly. i can't say how impressed i am. usually, I hate places set up in old house environments because the couches and armchairs heights don't match up with the table heights. thus, you can't do any work unless you're one of those types who does everything in bed, and is used to having everything on your lap. (cough. not me.) every armchair is matched up with a table that is exactly at typing height, with sturdy legs (in other words none of the wobbly tables that literally turn me into the rain man) and the best part of all is.. they have a floor lamp next to every table! with a nice lightbulb! in other words, you-choose lighting... no obnoxious overhead flourescents, or really small table lamps in your way. it's amazing.

plus, there are tons of windows. as i said, this is a renovated house... one of those skinny victorian numbers, with lots of windows and a twisting staircase. it's lovely! i like the third floor because it is the brightest, and it's usually me and some forty-somethings, most of the men, and i think most of them screen/play/book writers. i noticed today that there is a rooftop garden out the window!

i am really into this. it's hard to even start getting everything done, because i am imagining that i live here. I would LOVE a little teeny narrow house like this! two (or three, or four) kids could easily live up here. and the kitchen and living area could be the first floor.... my imagination is going nuts.

i would definately put a wardrobe up here. i think it would really take the kids places, if you know what i'm saying.

man, doesn't that look like a painting??? rainy day light is amazing.



Cassie said...

rookie blogger mistake, you didn't say where it was!

papermoon said...

well i don't want everyone showing up!!!
they can look it up themselves... ;)