September 14, 2009

September 4, 2009

Busy Life, Bugs, Bedtime.


I would have written if I'd had a second. This teacher thing is busy... and I'm not even teaching yet! I promise to post pictures of my classroom once the decorating is done...that seems relevant to this blog.

I've been hard at working connecting with the other teachers, learning my way around my school, decorating, lesson planning, and envisioning myself as an award winning child-inspirer. I am excited to be implementing something I hope will be highly amusing: lab coats on the science department. Wouldn't that have made you want to learn science?!

I ordered this coat for myself and my fellow science teachers:

Now if only I had my lesson plans together... :)

That reminds me! Maybe it's this new science teacher role that has me interested, but I have to say that this documentary sounds fantastic!

That's just a clip... but I think it looks utterly fascinating!

Well... I'm completely exhausted. Happy Labor Day. I must say, I am glad to be laboring this labor day. All the stress now is a joy after unemployment!