October 25, 2008

blog inhibiting computer repairs...

oh my macbook. having him gone is like losing a friend. typing on this borrowed computer is some relief but not much.

don't worry too much, though--about me or my mac. it's just a 'clamshell' repair to get my iSight back up and running. luckily i am still within my warranty, so a whole new screen comes for $0.00. nice.

in any case, it's put a dent in my blogging abilities in what was already a slow week. sorry!

as a pictureless update, and a look to posts to come, in the last few days (computerless) i have read a few great books, taught another 'sweet sculpture' class'--this time we did cupcakes and other baked goods-- and made a lot of applesauce. i have been hitting up the green city market lately, to much success.

i also finally got around to making that nice african print skirt i mentioned back when i uploaded pictures of the remnants i purchased a few weeks ago. look what a few days without the internet can spur you on to finally accomplishing! i think i need to send my computer away more often.

plus...i am now watching the last season of little house on the prairie! i can't believe that this past year or so of watching an episode nearly every day is at the close! i will watch the culmination, the strangeness of season 9-- "A NEW BEGINNING".

(and then i will go right back to season one and begin again....)


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Cassie said...

I have missed you! We need to skype as soon as your computer is up and running but I think this evening I will try the old fashioned form of communique....