October 16, 2008

my dream skinny cords realized.

i keep getting better and better at skinnifying my pants. it's pretty easy, anyway, but for a while i was getting tripped up in the crotch area. but not this time! i did a great job, if i do say so myself. i think it's because i changed my method. the last few times, I had put on the pair of pants inside out and pinned in the inside leg for the right shape. it worked, but it was a bit tricky, and it didn't make the legs as 100% even as i'd hoped.

this time, i took a pair of similarly styled jeans and basically pin-traced them. it worked great!
i took a picture after i'd finished one leg, so you could get a sense of the before and after. these used to be my favorite pants in high school: american eagle bell bottomed cords in cocoa.

in order to do the modifications, i started out by cutting the leg along the inside seam. i hadn't done this in other projects, but i had noticed that it was hard to pin the leg flat with the 'bubble' effect the seam produced. this solved the problem.

next i laid a pair of jeans down on top of the pants (turned inside out) and drew a chalk line to get the outline of the leg.

i also pinned the line. i guess i wanted to be extra careful. you could probably skip the chalk line. or maybe the pins. but i like covering my bases.

and then i just sewed along the line, cut off the leftovers, did a little modifying at the crotch after trying them on... and voila! now i have some nice fallish cords that will fit right in my boots or look cute in flats. (or bare feet, here).


*photo credit to Lora! :)


Cassie said...

So cute!!!!! I love them, they are super Denmark (maybe anything is with those boots)

aunt sheila said...

You are practically making your own clothes honey. Do you think you should start from scratch?? :-)