November 5, 2009

Oh, to have money to spend frivolously on shiny things.

If I had time and money to spend I think I would rework my whole wardrobe around this bottle of perfume-I-intend-to-own.

I shamelessly want it, even though more than half of my lust is for the packaging. I started wearing Prada Intense when it came out and it was a big step in the warm fragrance direction for me. At this point my taste goes even woodier and spicier than that very sweet scent, but I still wear it every once in a while.

I was very interested in the bottle as soon as I saw it in print, and when I finally saw it in person my inner snob melted. The smoky bottle, gold, pretty pump, and creepy advertising all get a thumbs-up from me. The scent reminds me of a more accessible Dzing! by L'Artisan Perfumerie... with a way better bottle.

Now Smell This has a clear-cut and accurate review of the L'Eau Ambrée here, and a breakdown of the relationship of the Prada amber variations here.

So, on to what I would be wearing if I smelled like those creepy women in the advertisement. I have many thoughts.

For instance, this girly jewelery.

(Banana Republic)

Then there's this ostrich leather clutch that might be a nice accent piece with my otherwise highly feminine look:

(Brooks Brothers)

And what about this attractive modest dress:


And I think I need some of these...


Then, top that all off with a nice soundtrack and my fantasy is complete.


October 10, 2009

Stressful job detox shopping cures.

If someone could fill me in as to what gave me the idea I could afford these things, that would be very helpful.



PS: Since when am I such a girl?

September 14, 2009

September 4, 2009

Busy Life, Bugs, Bedtime.


I would have written if I'd had a second. This teacher thing is busy... and I'm not even teaching yet! I promise to post pictures of my classroom once the decorating is done...that seems relevant to this blog.

I've been hard at working connecting with the other teachers, learning my way around my school, decorating, lesson planning, and envisioning myself as an award winning child-inspirer. I am excited to be implementing something I hope will be highly amusing: lab coats on the science department. Wouldn't that have made you want to learn science?!

I ordered this coat for myself and my fellow science teachers:

Now if only I had my lesson plans together... :)

That reminds me! Maybe it's this new science teacher role that has me interested, but I have to say that this documentary sounds fantastic!

That's just a clip... but I think it looks utterly fascinating!

Well... I'm completely exhausted. Happy Labor Day. I must say, I am glad to be laboring this labor day. All the stress now is a joy after unemployment!


August 24, 2009

My sweet little room.

I love my room, now*.

Lower East Side isn't half bad, either.

Being a teacher sounds pretty good, too.

I guess I shouldn't have been worried...


*Except for the must be a million degrees in here. Yikes!

August 22, 2009

Since I'm Moving, Now.

I am officially moving to New York today. Despite the fact that it's been three months since my move from Chicago, I feel a bit like today is my first break from my old city. I am sure this is because I have been living with my parents... which feels a bit more like a school vacation than a move.

So, here's my ode to Chicago... a very cute Budweiser ad I picked up from A Cup of Jo.

Onward and Upward! All Together Now!


August 21, 2009

The Mysterious Book Club Society.

I am in a book club.

The members range in age from 11.5 to 23.5.

We will be varying our locations between NYC, suburban NJ, and a nearby university.

We are all sisters, and the book of the month is "The Mysterious Benedict Society".

How can you resist a cover like that?!


August 18, 2009

Mountains, Moving, and Monroe Bisque.

I am back, having hiked the Alps.

If ever I must leave the country I love and live somewhere new, by all means let it be Switzerland.

'Real life' (and my job) begins this coming Monday, and so this week I am moving, little by little, into my little room-to-live-in on the Lower East Side. My living space is tiny, but I will pay no rent (and love little spaces) so I have decided there is no reason to complain. Plus, it's got a fearfully high ceiling...which I think will be exciting and fun to tweak around with. I am thinking of putting in some floating bookshelves, 10 feet off the floor. With a little rolling stepladder, I can be Audrey in 'Funny Face' when I go up for a book.

I am painting my room just the color of my bedroom here in my parents' house. Why not? Monroe Bisque makes the room so cozy.

I am basing my design daydream for the room on a painting I made a year and some ago, set in a favorite Evanston bookshop.

Very teacherly, I think.

More to come, assuredly, when New York assaults me with things to talk about...


August 9, 2009

A break ( after a break. )

Well... camp #2 kept me busy. (And cranky.) I haven't posted here in a while.

I am headed off for a last bout of relaxation, pre-job, today. I'll be here:

Au revoir / Auf Wiedersehen.


July 31, 2009

All Your Childhood Favorites.

While I spent my first 21 years protesting wildly against the cinematization of my favorite books, ever since the Narnia re-makes, I have been letting it go just a bit. Those movies blew my mind. Unlike Harry Potter's weak attempts (sorry, biased against that ugly Radcliffe boy) the Narnia movies have done an impeccable job with casting, CG-that-doesn't-look-like-Toy-Story, scenery, and music.

Thus, I have been more open to investigating the following. While these don't seem to be going for play-by-play authenticity, I am interested in the interpretations and nice visual treatment.

First up, Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Here's Alice in Wonderland (sorry I couldn't embed it).

Here's Where the Wild Things Are (again, sorry.)

We'll see how they are!

Books are still best...


July 20, 2009

The Usefulness of Blogs, the Charms of Being a Teacher.

I made a nice, bland website for my new class (2D/3D Art at a "gifted" camp) last night.

I love it. I feel like I am playing school...

Go have a look: Some Inspirations for Artists


July 17, 2009

My friend Tim, on Design*Sponge.

My friend Tim is famous.

Tim Mazurek was dazzling through his MFA while I was finishing up my undergrad art career at Northwestern. Despite my being a boring, Catholic, conservative, Tim was always very nice to me and I enjoyed every shared class with him immensely. As I recall, we met in my Installation Art class, for which he was a TA. (A great TA.) My 'art friends' (we called our clique 'the knitting club') and I all latched on to him and he somehow managed not to act annoyed.

I digress. Tim has an outstanding blog! Lottie + Doof has long graced my 'lovely things' side bar, and I ogle his photos daily. He has been picked up by Time Out Chicago, Refinery 29, apartment therapy, the kitchn, good bite, and Pioneer Woman. And today he made it onto one of my all-time favorites, Design*Sponge! It's no wonder, considering his organic, fresh choices are so enticingly displayed courtesy of his photography skills. The work of an artist, indeed.

I couldn't be happier for Tim. And I couldn't feel hipper for knowing him.

Check out Lottie + Doof here: Lottie + Doof
See Tim's artwork here: Tim Mazurek



My brother has unearthed an amazing application!

PandoraJam is a genius little download that allows you to download your Pandora channel while it plays, saving the tracks as mp3s in your iTunes! The free demo is nearly identical to the $15 program; you just have to keep tabs on it more often, as it automatically shuts off every few tracks. (You can start it back up with a quick mouse-click).

The icon is also very cute!

Enjoy, Pandora lovers!


July 14, 2009

A Bag for Anna.

Yesterday's project: a bag for my dear friend Anna, six months late.

She'd given me the color scheme in January, I'd apologized and promised it was coming by Valentine's day, and I had been making excuses and looking at the fabric ever since... until yesterday.

I got up, ate my breakfast*, put on a dress and some pearls (I am more productive that way), whipped up a little seltzer-with-vanilla, and got down to business.

I used the same oh fransson pattern I have before... it's easy and effective.

I like it. I may make myself a wallet in the same color scheme.


*cream cheese on whatever I can find seems to be the summer favorite

Again...Yes, Please.

Wouldn't this look well with that vintage suitcase you're going to buy me?

Found via { simplesong }, from Etsy shop Death and Texas (DNTX).

And in all reality, I'll take anything in the shop.


PS: If it means anything for my chances, I will add that I did indeed accomplish the Audrey Tautou haircut.

July 13, 2009


Check this out:

This is certainly the best online sketch program I have found to date.
And who doesn't love watching it build itself up?


July 12, 2009

A Visit.

My friend Becca (alias Lovely Lula) came for a visit this last week.

It is always a joy to have a visit at home with a friend. Bringing together friends and family always brings about some fun and adventure.

I introduced Midwestern Becca to my home town back East. We ate 'real' bagels and she remarked on the hilly landscape and the very tree-ish looks of things here.

We boated in Central Park and took a look at some wonderful turtles, and one odd bird.

We played the Ouija board and tried to determine our futures.

We made this picture of a clock.

All in all we had a spectacular, laid back time. I miss her again, already!


July 7, 2009


I finally got around to darning my jeans yesterday, after four months of putting down on each daily 'to-do list' I wrote. Procrastination, anyone?

I shouldn't have dawdled, considering how easy it is to do. Before yesterday, I'd only darned by hand (a pain). With my machine, this quick denim rejuvenation was painless and satisfying! I feel like I have three new pairs to wear!

Here's how to do it:

Before you start, round up your hole-y jeans, your sewing machine, some matching thread (or go nuts with some funky colors! Your choice!), some pins, and a thin, somewhat stretchy, soft material for reinforcing. I used some scraps from a pair of my sister's jeans which we'd just turned to shorts. I would also recommend shirting, thin corduroy, or even polar fleece–which I hear works very well. On to the process.

First, locate your holes and worn areas. (Mine always seem to fall apart at the inner leg on the left side. Consistent problem...odd.)

Second, turn your jeans inside out and cut a patch of your reinforcement material to fit the worn area. Make sure you encompass the area right around any holes you have–the area is likely very weak. (Look for buckling, fraying and super-softness.) Pin on your patch.

Third, put a denim needle in your machine and set it for a darning stitch, inserting the proper foot. (In case you don't have a computer of a machine like I do, a darning stitch should look something like 21 or 32, shown below. Darning is basically weaving–your stitch should feature many small stitches running into each other, close together. I used 21, figuring the 'zig zag' would favor my slightly-spandex jeans a bit better.)

Fourth, darn that business! Run the stitch over the fabric to cover the weakened area. When you're done, tie your knots, cut off any lagging patch corners, and turn your jeans right side out! VOILA!

Alright... your turn! Go make new clothes out of the old! A recession-era pastime...and a lot of fun.