October 8, 2008

ballerina t-shirt sweater.

(next time something's broken, i guess i'll just whine about it online... apparently that gives you the solution in approximately 10 minutes. new USB plug, and my pictures are up!)

so, in my last functional post, i mentioned a t-shirt cardigan i had made previously, which i am debating adding an awesome knit to. the initial craft was a great, quick, transformation, and sooooo easy.
i started with one of these very comfy tees i got at kohl's awhile back.

95% cotton, 5% spandex... very stretchy but flattering. i wore the heck out of them, and had them in every color (thanks to my mom) but i'm just not wearing crew neck t-shirts anymore.
i cut it up the middle, and then, because i knew I wanted to wear it tied (like a ballerina shrug) i folded the top of each side away until i liked the look of how much negative space would be left, and just cut off the resulting triangles.

while i was cutting up the front, i inadvertantly cut a whole in the back. (i should mention i did all of this while stressing out about making a bus. not very organized.) this was actually a fortunate mistake! i put in a really sweet little lace window on the back, right where the hole was (thank goodness it was central) and now whatever color shirt i wear under this shows through, and i love it. i had the lace lying around...it actually came with a mixed bag of buttons.

i added lace to the back collar, too. i cut off most of the front of the neck when i sliced up the front, but i liked the neck in the back.

and here is the finished effect! it's very comfy, and it's actually very cute untied, too. plus, it's done fine in the wash... this kind of t-shirt just kind of rolls instead of fraying. plus... i don't wash my clothes that often, honestly... :)


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