October 20, 2008

a bit on my bedroom walls, as requested by sb

finally a little crafting post.

i was talking to sb last night and she asked that i post about the way i decorated the walls of my bedroom. before i begin, i must credit a post from How About Orange, which inspired the look.

basically, it's a great way to decorate rented walls with no damage, and an endless slew of possibilities. i had been envisioning a leaf pattern for my walls for a long time, but didn't want to go the route of paper cutouts--my college dorm strategy-- because of the fading, tape, and general one-use nature of them. then this blog solved the problem.

all you have to do is make your cutouts and then spray them down with spray starch (i used Niagara). it's a bit messy but it's not complicated. i just sprayed all of my leaves on top of a cardboard box. then, just use your fingers and smooth the cutouts onto your wall/bathroom door/dresser from ikea and use a little towel to mop up any drips. they stay on really well, but when you want to take them off it's just a simple peel!


SB said...

so so clever! I love it, v. creative! xo

Cassie said...

uh oh...is sb trying to sound like gg? xoxo

papermoon said...

who is gg?

aunt sheila said...

hummmm....there is another sb?