October 21, 2008

my madeline haircut

there are a stock run of people i have been consistently told i resemble. i have never gotten anyone besides the following people--and i get all of these women all the time. my theory is... they are brunettes! Here they are in order of frequency:

1. "Charlotte"--a.k.a. Kristen Davis, from Sex and the City (ugh... i HATE that show)

my theory here: she is a sometimes glasses wearing, rather WASPy looking formerly Catholic-then-Jewish, relatively speaking "good" girl. I think this one is less about the look, more about people insulting me by relating me to her stupid anal retentive character. :)

2. Rachel Leigh Cook

i have chosen this picture because let's be real... she is really pretty, but people tell me i look like her and mean that i look like her nerd portrayal in "she's all that".

3. Audrey Tatou (of Amélie)

two words: I WISH. it's just the messy haircut thing. :)

4. helena bonham carter

yeah. i got nothing. i'm not kidding... i actually get this one a lot! apparently i'm creepy looking?

5. katie holmes

this was a high school thing... when i had epically long hair. this is a clear case of the brunette theory. good thing i don't look like her in reality... that might make me a tom cruise target. yikes.

in any case, the point of this post comes down to this.
after years of only hearing about these five women from people trying to invent some relation between me and other people (isn't it a weird human tendency?) i got a really flattering new one at the coffee shop yesterday. the girl behind the counter said:
"i dig your haircut. you look like that girl. in the jacket"
i paused and smiled. this was not very edifying.
"the jacket and the hat... the girl who stands in line? oh yeah, madeline! you have a madeline haircut. you look like madeline."

haha. merci!


Anna said...

that's perfect! do you have an appendix scar too?

Cassie said...

I think you look the most like rachel leigh cook...even when she is pretty! (which I think she looks really pretty here so I'm not sure) but Charlotte has a huge hawk nose and you don't and the breasts on all of these women are too small for the comparison to really be accurate.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

very funny!!