January 21, 2009

who knew?

been a long time fan of DRY soda, but didn't know they had two AWESOME SOUNDING new sodas out! i will be venturing out to fox and obel's as soon as i return to chicago, so i can make lora a virgin gin and tonic!!!


exploratorium--san fran day one.

hello! from far warmer place than chicago!

i had a long flight in to california--as my dad says, getting out here feels like getting to europe-- but it wasn't half a problem, considering i had some good reading in tow, and some celine dion music videos on my itunes. i arrived and had the lovely good fortune of having a chaffeur service in the form of my uncle, who drove me right to cassie's door-- so nice of him!

cassie's apartment is lovely and nothing beats the company. i had a delicious dinner with the witten siblings last night and got a view of what a hopping scene the mission area is, even on a tuesday night. (i had roast chicken and olive oil mashed potatoes. delicious.) we watched some little house on the prairie (she has all the seasons on dvd, now, too!) and then crashed in her pretty bedroom. i got some (peet's!) coffee with her this morning before she left for work, which had me reminiscing as i got my morning dose.

ben and i spent the morning discussing the farm movement, jamie oliver, cooking, natural living, and politics. highly enjoyable. then we had some soup for lunch, and headed off to a great museum: san francisco's exploratorium!

it reminded me a great deal of the liberty science center, back east, but with a lot less structure in terms of your route--which i appreciated. the highlights were a two person exhibit in which you read questions to eachother and gauged how anxious it made the other person via graph readouts (very funny) a huge contraption that blew smoke rings, a dome that you could pull over your head to experience the emotional outcome of being inundated with different colors (AWESOME), and a pitch black "tactile dome" which we did three times. we would be bad at being blind.

tonight we will go to dinner again and that should be delightful. san francisco is beautiful, clean, and a lot more lush than i expected. very pretty trees and such mountains! and i am still shocked at the crazy hills. no amount of warning prepared me for cars parallel parked on a serious incline.

on an entirely different note, my brother is hilarious for making this:



January 20, 2009

i've been busy and i will soon be busier!

hi all!

i have been very MIA, my apologies. i have been a busy bee, preparing for a trip i am taking to san francisco-- leaving today. first time out there and i'm excited!

i will start the week with my lovely friend cassie (not to mention her brother, ben!), stealing as much of her day as she has left over between and after work hours. i am excited for the reunion-- for the last four and some years we have seen much more of eachother than her move out west has recently allowed. it will be great to catch up and see what her new chapter is like.

once the weekend hits, i am very excited to be getting in a visit-- and a baptism, no less!-- with my san francisco cousins! i have never visited with them in their home territory, and i can't wait. i get to meet my littlest cousin, and catch up with the rest of the troop, whose company i so completely enjoyed at the november wedding. it is nice to have some relatives with such a comparable experience of siblinghood (a parallel family of six kids!) to mine.

i have been sewing like a maniac so that i can bring presents, which is my way. i am very pleased:
for baby, a baseball bib:

the last two bags in the series i have been showing you:

for my grandma (who is visiting, too) a little travel jewelery case:

i didn't know what to whip up for the boys, but i found (alas, didn't make) some great gifts:

a reporter's notebook for my encyclopedia brown loving cousin, a nice compact moleskine set for the oldest of the family, and bananagrams for everyone, in the guise of a gift for my uncle.

hopefully none of them are reading my blog too much so the surprise won't be spoiled... but at this point i think they are probably too busy to check before i will see them, as my cousins emma and elizabeth are singing at the inauguration today!!! so totally exciting. i have been up all morning and sifted through the channels enough to hear them and to see that they caught elizabeth looking lovely in every song! nice job guys!

in any case, i am still in my flannels and glued to the tv. my stomach hurts terribly from the 5 cups of coffee i've had, and the two eggs and three pancakes i ate for the occasion. i am praying the snowflakes won't upend my flight patterns. i can't decide if i should be lazy, and take a cab, or cheap, and take the el...



January 15, 2009

something i missed about milk...

...is the color of tea mixed with it.

although i do like the way soymilk makes a little coral reef in a cup of tea. when i stop being lazy i will do a comparison picture of the two.

right now, i am going to enjoy listening to music, in the middle of a mess of fabric in my room, drinking a perfect cup of tea in a perfect tea cup.


January 14, 2009

just kidding.

looks like tomorrow's going to be even worse, weather wise. i am going to evanston.




woke up early with serious plans to get myself to the vogue fabrics in evanston, but my view was snow snow and more snow... and regardless of how severe it is, it's just too much for me if i'd be lugging a bunch of fabric/notions around in it.

luckily, i love snow, so it doesn't really put a damper on things. at all.

AND... i made scones. mmm. i love the joy of cooking. and heavy cream.

off to another bag! can't say i'm not looking forward to another day snuggled in front of my machine.

scones and yesterday's bag.


January 13, 2009

this girl is my cousin!

if you click this link you will see my lovely cousin, emma!

San Francisco Girls Chorus


the most satisfying tutorial online.

hi there!

i wanted to share a lovely online tidbit--probably the best sewing tutorial and print out pattern i have ever used, to date. with a gorgeous outcome.

i don't actually include oh fransson! on my list of 40-blogs-i-read-every-day (because i am not a quilter), but it's a really great one. i wanted to make some purses for a few of my cousins as gifts and i decided to give this 'margaret bag' a try because hers looked so pretty. and WOW--she included a pattern, a step by step pdf with pictures, and a materials list. the ocd girl in me was positively giddy.

and... the results of my first one were awesome. it only took 4 hours! (!) the pleats are so pretty and the pockets are so cute inside.

i can't wait to make another one today.


January 12, 2009

internship success!

woo hoo! i have a structured schedule!

i just heard back from the children's museum and i will be enjoying the delightful feeling of being a productive human again from february to may as their arts learning intern! which is great...because i have ALWAYS wanted to work in a children's museum, and this job involves writing curriculum for workshops and then teaching them... bliss.

art classes, in a museum that features such delights as a kid-sized town and a fabricated over-sized backyard. perfection... i can't wait.



January 11, 2009

delicious caramels and a really fun game idea.

first of all, my friend norah gave me three neat boxes of japanese candy for christmas, and these morinaga's milk caramels are rocking my world. i may or may not have eaten half of them in two days. (the link is another blogger's very good description of them.) the box looks like a 1920's cigarette box or something, but opens like a matchbox to reveal the delicious little guys. i am going to save it, obviously. the japanese really do milky candy awesomely, which is odd because as a child i really hated the milk there. maybe it's better for candy than straight-up consumption.
second reason for posting: guess who?
yesterday lora had been diligently studying for most of the day, so she was ready for an evening break. we had already decided to make some vodka sauce and have a little dinner together, and we really wanted to play a game. we only have dice/cards/scrabble here, and none of the above were really appealling to our desire for a relaxing game. i trekked out into the snow to walk to borders and see what they had to offer, which wasn't much. i was pretty disappointed and spent an hour searching the internet for creative game-making ideas online while sipping a beer. (delicious thing: black toad dark ale, brewed for trader joe's. a.maz.ing.)

remember these?

i was getting a bit exasperated with the options, and then guess who? came to mind. remember that game, from kindergarten? "does your person have a mustache?" etc? well we realized we could make our own version!!!! i wasn't initially as creative as lora, and i was thinking i could just do a funny image search and get a mix of random people, celebrities, and cartoons...but lora realized that we could use our friends! much more fun! we just used thirty mutual friends, and used their facebook pictures to keep it easy.

if we were planning on making it look good, i would have standardized the size and used photoshop to add nice, clear text, but as it was we were getting hungry, so i just globbed a bunch of photos on a document and got them around the same height, and then printed three sheets: one set for each player, and one set we could draw from to guess who? about. i cut them up into little cards, and we would just flip them over when ruling out possibilities. we used the coffee table as a divider and just layed everything out on the floor.

it was HYSTERICAL. we decided to nix the questions about physical appearances and gender, and the results were very funny. questions ranged from "does your person subscribe to a monotheistic religion?" to "would your person be described as metro?" to "does your person appreciate chill fashion shows?" etc, etc. it was very funny. i very nearly demolished an entire bottle of wine. i hope we play again soon!

you should try and make one... i think it would actually make a very funny gift if it were made with relatives or family friends in mind. or, for your girlfriends, if it featured past love interests. very amusing. book characters would be really adorable... i might do that for my kid someday. the possibilities are pretty endless... babies could have an animal version...


January 9, 2009

need money/groceries

hmmm. i am very broke lately.

i need some money, and then i need to use it to buy some groceries.
tonight for dinner i had a biscuit--since i am normal, and made drop biscuits last night--and some cucumber salad. and some cookies.

in the fridge: a baby sized portion of some chicken, heavy cream, a baby sized portion of brie, greek yogurt, broccoli, and leftover cake.

maybe i need to do some practical shopping?

i guess there's always the beans i have in the cupboard. or pasta. i kind of hate pasta...


January 7, 2009

break from interview prepping

i just took a little break and watched this video...it randomly came to mind.

Butterfly Assassins - Sylvia II from Chris Amos on Vimeo.

it's northwestern's niteskool winner from last spring. i really loved it.

wish me luck tomorrow morning!


kanye west is the most arrogant fellow around.

not in the productive way, either.


i'm totally ready to not be sick.

January 6, 2009

why i don't have a job

i just found a typo in my resume.

now i know why no one wants me.

morning goodness.

my roomie made me the cutest birthday banner as a belated party decoration:

i got some eucalan knit wash in the mail and it smells great:

it's snowing and gloomy-pretty and i am glad to be back in my suitably grey city:

off to work work work work work work on things.


January 4, 2009

last day at home

well... i love chicago, but it sure seems odd to be headed back.

it's been nice to be here at home, seeing my enormous family and my puppy dog, eating meat (who knew... i currently enjoy it), watching movies on a big screen, and seeing friends who reside east of the west. last night maggie and katie and i watched 'the secret of roan inish' and i was PERFECT as usual. i haven't gotten that lovely, muted mood out of my system yet. i need to order that on dvd, stat. it's nice to have ample excuses to watch kids' movies.

sometimes chicago really pulls at me when i'm away, but it didn't this last month-and-some. i am sure that once i land that familiar feeling will hit me again, though, and i will wonder at how i wasn't dying to return. not to mention, i will get to see the lovely roomie once more.

it was a good thanksgiving, a great christmas and a good first few days of 2009. my family does what a good family should... they build me up. i will miss the activity and all the good debate!

off to treasure today!


January 1, 2009

awesome animation!

This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo.

happy 2009

we had our family party as usual...

it was great!

we all continued the old tradition of wearing fancy clothes, eating hors d'ouvres for dinner, and putting up our glitzy decorations... and some homemade. i broke out the paper cut out garland we've used for three (?) years now (papa says it's time to laminate)

and maggie had the great idea of making fireworks in front of the fireplace.

some of my pictures act like evidence of the adults only punch in action...