October 15, 2008


so, after a nice relaxing trip back east, i am back to the grind. not that it's much of a grind, without a job.

in any case, i thought i'd check in and report on a very good coffee shop i am finally camping out in, after months of encouragement from some reputable sources. i took the 146 bus and was immediately glad for the trip. the rain managed to wait for me to get in and settle down with some freshly baked goodies and lots of coffee, so i didn't get soaked on the way and now i get to enjoy the hygglelig coziness of nesting here with my 'work', watching raindrops.

the place is nice, the espresso machine isn't annoyingly loud, and the soundtrack is actually good. not too classical (ahem, peet's), but not too insistently hipster, either. and the volume is good (ahem, unicorn... blaringly loud world music, anyone?)

plus, crazily enough, a friend i thought had moved to alaska popped in for some tea! what nice chance.

so, that's about all i have to say for now. later i will post a picture of some of the poodle-skirt work i did at home with my sister, for halloween, and if i get it done, some evidence of some renovations i'm doing on a pair of corduroys i found among my highschool relics at home. i have been dreaming of skinny brown cords for some time and i'm really psyched!

here' s my little setup, courtesy of my cellphone:


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Anna said...

I am so jealous of your dollop-ing, but I am happy that you made it there! I love the neighborhood around it (where Margaret used to live)--lots of old houses which makes me happy.

Miss you!