October 30, 2008

i'm back!

it was about as much of a relief as a loved one leaving the hospital in good repair...
yes, my laptop is back to me!

if i tried to post about everything at once this would go on forever. i think i will just take it as the mood strikes in the next few days, blogging perhaps more than once a day. i will begin catching up with a few pictures from the class i recently taught at galaxie--'sweet sculpture' again, but this time we went the route of baked goods. the kids were outrageously creative!!! i brought in some 'cupcakes', 'cookies', and an 'ice cream cone' and they took off on those examples with 'donuts', 'gum', 'hershey kisses' and all kinds of modifications on my original ideas. it was great.

on another note, as i mentioned in the last post, i have been going through books with the vigor of a kid eating halloween candy. (unfortunately for my teeth, i have also been going through halloween candy with the vigor of a girl reading books.)

i adore c.s. lewis!

more to come, off to make (or re-warm yesterday's?) dinner!


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