December 30, 2008

loopy scarf for leigh

a bit of a knitting project, as promised!

i should begin by saying that i am NOT a sophisticated knitter, although i have been at it for years. i knit and i purl...but in no kind of fancy method. my preferred 'cheat' is using multiple skeins at once so that i can get thickness without thick yarn. in general i stick to scarves and variations on the scarf.

i had a few thoughts for my friend leigh this year, but they all fell away when i heard her raving about these cowl necked scarves that are 'the thing' this year. i had been diligently working on a mutli-toned grey scarf since election day, and knew that it was going to someone else (hello, wool allergies!) and her name starting flashing neon in my mind. she looks astounding in grey and it was just the kind of thing she'd pair with her cute coats and sweaters. all i had to do was finish it, and stitch it end to end with a matching thread.
plus, i twisted it once before sewing the ends, so that no matter what, or how she wears it, it has a little interest and movement to it.

looking good! especially paired with these great earrings, made by the sister of her friend--find them here. what a chic homemade chick.

this gift calls to mind a set from last year-- the 'EP216 Roomie Cuff Project'. i decided to gift all of my apartment mates (at the time) with a personalized scarf cuff of sorts. they were all unique, with buttons to match. i did some dorky, fun photoshopping to make it look like each of them were already wearing them, and then made cute cards out of the pictures.

apologies... i didn't have the swellest camera back then. not to say my pictures seem to be any better this year...

in any case, i basically knit a little neck sized scarf and attached buttons. great for high necked coats and for people who get flustered trying to arrange long scarves.


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Anna said...

Such a pretty scarf! And such a pretty leigh!