December 2, 2008

my mother is magical.

look at what maggie will come home to in an hour!
a surprise transformation of her room...into an ice palace!
it's really no wonder i felt so much kinship with sara crewe as a child.
with a mother who does this kind of thing on your birthday,
how can you not believe you're probably a princess?



SB said...

i love it i love it! so so magical. my mom would do similar special things for our bdays too...we'd wake up in the morning to morning gifts next to our bed and balloons all over our room and our mom would come upstairs with a cupcake before we got ready for school. :)

I LOVED your american girl fleece, it looks so very patagonia...why don't you make an etsy shop with a line of american girl dolls? I would have drooled for that fleece 6-7 years ago... :)

also, will you make a cheap/chic/family gifting guide for your readers? most of the reasonable gift guides I've been reading are either really lame (you can tell the compiler hasn't spent less than 3 digits on gifts in years and is just reaching for anything not terribly tacky) or wayy too kitchy like....reindeer soap! what every mother needs.

miss you

Rachel said...

That is absolutely beautiful.
I hope the little bean loved it.

Also, what part of my blog name makes no sense?

I miss you and I'll ring you up soon.

All my lovins,