December 18, 2008

all my fashion idols

i finally have a christmas outfit together, which i would post a picture of if i could only find my camera battery charger. :( i need to corral those siblings of mine and compare camera makes... what a disaster it will be if i can't document a single moment of christmas!

in any case, having picked out an outfit, i was meditating on my fashion influences. i chuckled when i realized the immature nature of my 'idols'. that, and the fact that almost none of them are real people...

1. Linnea, Linnea in Monet's Garden

2. Amélie, Amélie

3. Fiona, The Secret of Roan Inish

4. Mathilde, A Very Long Engagement

5. Caroline Ingalls (TV version), Little House on the Prairie

6. Mary Lennox, The Secret Garden

well there you have it... i'm nine years old.


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