November 5, 2008

putting the election to bed.

a president is picked, a race is over, my all day skype fest is done. (cassie, sb, weekend anna all get a shout-out.) i even got my free voter's starbucks coffee... even though i don't like their coffee. i like free things, though.

i really felt like i got to go home today, and my family really helped what i thought would be a distressing day turn into one of my favorites so far since moving downtown. it was nice to eat dinner alone...with so many other people!

my scarf is really coming along.


a slightly less early wake up time, yoga, noble tree and lots of research, and preparations for my brother's one day visit... not via cyberspace, but physically coming out here to chicago. excitement. and then i'll be off for a wedding break in omaha!

check in tomorrow, good talk today!


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