December 11, 2008

what is the world coming to?

well--i've been a very lax blogger. i need to get back to business and post some of the christmasy crafting i have been up to... but then again, i don't want to reveal gifts. dilemma.
in any case, gifts or not, i haven't posted a darn thing in ages! i'll use the excuse that i've had the plague for over a week now...i'm about to start up another round of ten day antibiotics. oh the joy of poorly made sinuses in the winter. but lots has happenened--i'm 23 now! and i'm thoroughly bogged down by my efforts to get some kind of an internship. i've decided since no one is hiring, i might as well be someone's coffee girl.

the link in the title threw me for a loop this morning... i don't even need to comment, i don't think.


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