December 29, 2008

christmas, continued

still doing some back track work on showing some of my gift ideas this season, now that it won't spoil surprises.

this year i made my mom a nightgown, since i absolutely lived in mine this fall/winter. hers is prettier, however--i did some fancy lacework and embroidery. (with the help of my fancy husqvarna, of course.)

as i did with my own, i used a tunic pattern... i think it's an "Quick 'n Easy". i can verify when i go back to chicago.

peeking out of the corner of that photo is a second gift for my mom-- a set of reindeer dish towels. i simply ironed on an adorable applique for the deer, and i improvised a little towel from red gingham and more flannel. i went wild with red stitching and voila! cute.

on a non-crafting note... i think one of those mucous gangsters from the mucinex commercials lives in my head, permanently. i just got off of TWENTY days of antibiotics... and i still appear to have a sinus infection.

this is putting a cramp in my style. i am going to see an ENT today to find out if i need to unscrew the back of my skull and tempt the little guy out with some food or money. we'll see. maybe i will find out i have to live on an island or something... i have everlasting hope in unrealistic cures.

next time i will showcase a neat little trick i thought up with a scarf i knit!


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troubadour of what? said...

you craftiness makes me feel lazy haha

and i had heard Nada Surf's Blonde on Blonde a while ago but went and re-listened to it after you comment. . . quality stuff there.