December 7, 2008

this is what i do when i'm ill.

i like to make absurd photoshop projects.

today, sb and i had a nice hypothetical conversation about our future children and their summertime get togethers. how cute are my eight crafty kids? and her sweet little city kids coming out for a visit with their faux cousins?

and then there's this one, which i made a while ago for weekend anna... it's her and her prom date, circa 1954.

nice, right?

i'm so cool.



SB said...

oh sarah we had such a great time at your house, your second oldest is probably just tired after taking the home schooling exam for 5th graders last week, it gets harder every year.
and is that luke in the boy scouts uniform? or is he part of the pioneer scouts? I know khalid can't wait to join luke's troop! oh and soumaya refuses to take off her glasses that turn into sunglasses, i don't have the heart to tell her that one day she'll realize how dorky they are, but i suppose its good to encourage our girls to not get all wrapped up in their looks. and your darlings, all in glasses still. how is your eldest managing her new contacts?

Cassie said...

prom anna looks EXACTLY like her little sister katie!!!!!!! Creepy

Anna said...

oh prom anna...where's pin up sarah??