December 19, 2008

christmas outfit, christmas break

every kid's dream--my siblings started their break one friday early today with a snow day!

we had a vigorous snow fight, homemade tomato soup and toasty sandwiches (and kraft mac and cheese), and now they are in the other room, watching Home Alone. I have some cookie dough in the fridge.

here's my christmas outfit--my brother james has the same camera as i do, it turns out!

it's a super high-waisted skirt

and a frilly little blouse.

very old school secretary.

not too good at taking my own picture-- but too lazy to try again. :)

and the only thing i want to tweak about it is the buttons-- a bit military for my taste. i think i will replace them with a silk or velvet covered type of deal.

that's all for now--i have been startlingly unproductive today! back to tasks abounding!


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margottobed said...

so cute! looove