December 26, 2008

nearly 4 pm and i am in pajamas.

He is born!

my mom's nativity collections are all exhibiting the infant, now.
and our full size number in the yard has a star and everything!
magical and wonderful.

all the holiness aside, the food selection this christmas was magical, too.

all i have digested today is cookies and coffee.

i spent half the morning watching vintage television shows on dvd (katie got bewitched and maggie got i love lucy) and playing various sports on the wii.

christmas, if you can't tell, was very nice this year.

everyone was surprised and pleased with their gifts in our exchange. james had me, and got me the most darling teapot and some pretty napkins. AND santa brought quite the bundle. (i have the north pole to thank for an awesome collection of ceramic bowls of EVERY size, some lovely boots and purses, and books. and the red butter dish from anthro i have been lusting after for ages.)

i did end up giving paul the laptop cozy. the buttons added enough 'oomph' that i restored my faith in it as a gift.

i had also made him a little 'library' of listing notebooks.

these, along with the candy and blazer, made a nice collection.

maggie and i made sure the doll people living here got a good collection of cookies, too. and pies...and cupcakes...

well... i hear more desi arnaz coming from the family room... if i don't get in there, i am going to have some 'xplainin to do.


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troubadour of what? said...

paul's private library cards remind me of something out of a wes anderson movie...awesome