December 22, 2008

christmas chaos.

today was chock full! and chocolate-full!

first, i spent the early part of the day talking to my very very dear kathline who i will ALWAYS miss, as fate seems to keep us far away from eachother at all times, but who i will ALWAYS fall seamlessly back in sync with as well. i love her dearly and would like to tell everyone that when her etsy shop opens--and oh it WILL open, if i have anything to say about it--you are going to need to hide your wallet to avoid bankruptcy. truly a creative gem, that one...

next i rolled up some brie in a slice of ham, grabbed a bag of chocolate chips and premium saltines (did you know they make tiny little ones now? delicious) for emergency rations, grabbed the little sister, and hopped into the honda with the older boys to head out to the infamous mall rush. maggie was a trooper...she'd worn some fashionable wedge boots and her feet were killing her the whole time, and she managed to still be the most pleasant kind of companion. i scouted out possibilities with her and we located an excellent gift for the other sister!

it's the dearest little bag, from anthro, in the nicest indigo--she is going to find a million uses for it, and i just know it. it's big enough to be a weekend bag, but small enough to be a great college purse--full of books and such. (i should add that this is not from me, but from maggie--we pick one sibling a year, out of a hat, to avoid dime store presents and a broke family. and so we can buy mom and dad something, too. but we all help each other!)

i have paul this year, and after weeks of deliberation and a crappily executed homemade attempt at a wool laptop cozy (which i may still try to resurrect... maybe) i caved and bought things, at a store, like normal capitalists do at christmas. a lovely blazer that i can't for the life of me describe. but it's sort of suede-like, and dark brown. i also bought him a box of turron, purely because i read about it on cannelle et vanille and immediately knew it was made for him. basically, anything made of pure sugar and natural things, in a pleasing box, is made for paul. turkish delight... meringue... nougat of any kind...halvah... i can't imagine he won't like this, too.

once we returned home from the trip, i decided to get down to business and work on a gift i had planned for my papa, since i knew he'd be out of the house for hours tonight. the thought was homemade twix! sounds great, doesn't it? well... i made delicous homemade dough and lovely little cookie bars... and then i melted chocolate and things seemed to be going well... but OH disaster!!!

they were such a mess. alas. i think the caramel was too watery. :(

oh well.

still, a good day. tomorrow maybe i will reveal the gifts i have been keeping a secret... i am sure no one is checking this thing these days!



Anna said...

torrone is the best! it's my favorite christmas candy (although it's technically a year round candy). We eat the ones in little boxes and I call them communion-candy because the rice paper wafers remind me of a host. I like the vanilla and anise flavored ones...I can't wait to eat them at my grandparents house--yum!

Cassie said...

i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that purse (please try and conceal your surprise ;) )