November 4, 2008

sorry about the lax posting habits...'s just that this election has driven me to partial insanity. i was having a hard time planning out what to do with myself to ensure that, come november 5th, i would still have friends. i tend to get unpleasant when i get this anxious.

i solved the problem last night, when i discovered i could skype with my family back east and feel like i had really gone home. i ate dinner with my little brother and sister! we sat across from eachother and ate at the same time! it was wonderful. i even told my dog to sit. :)

so, today i am skyping with my mom for most of the day. i voted at the earliest possible time (the crack of dawn), did my american duty, came home with my vote-cancelling roomie who i adore, and did some yoga. i have been spending the rest of the day technologically visiting my mom, knitting, and listening to the lovely melodies of rosie thomas...who has replaced my morning weepies symphony (look her up sb!)

i am going to take a soujorn out of my apartment (amazing, i know) and do some pre-cousin-wedding errands. like get some mascara for my lashes. i know for a fact i will write later. it will be a long day!

next time i post there should be another portion, in another hue of grey!


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lora said...

i miss you already. your blog updates and you.