November 18, 2008

18. not being an art student anymore

the eighteenth thing i am thankful for: not being an art student anymore.

there are many reasons.
one occurred to me today when i hopped into the MCA to see the new Jenny Holzer exhibit. I really hated it, and it was very refreshing to be able to hate it and not have to go on for ages telling anyone why, or--even worse-- pretend that i liked it. or pretend at the very least that i respected it. now i really don't have to do that. i can just like things, or not like them... and defend my view if i feel like it. how lovely.

another nice thing about not being an art student is that i can make things, but i don't have to 'make work' anymore. it has been really interesting to see that i have much more patience and enthusiasm for domestic crafts than i ever did for any of my installation pieces. plus, i feel sure of my intentions...which i didn't have the pleasure of feeling all the time when i was working in the psuedo 'art world'. this isn't to say i won't go back to making 'work' ever again...but it's nice to feel like i will do that when it is truly coming out of a creative desire.


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