November 16, 2008

16. vegetables and chocolate

the sixteenth thing i am grateful for: zucchini chocolate bread!!!!!!!

it's one of those non-sensical things. it tastes more like chocolate cake than chocolate cake does.

it's amazing... and you can rationalize very easily when you've seen how much green goes into it!

time for my fifth piece in the last hour...


SB said...

that looks so delicious!! fed ex me some delicious bread, pleasee

ps. im having a stain issue with one of my polos. what should i do to get out a particularly nasty stain that i forgot to wash out 2 weeks ago?

papermoon said...

get "gonzo" stain remover. it looks a bit like has a red cap... it works AMAZINGLY. oil? no problem. red wine? done. etc. etc. there is a little not-PC man in a turban on it, usually.

here's a picture:

lora said...

it IS delicious. i am in lecture and just finished having a tasty piece for breakfast. merci :)