November 17, 2008

17. brunch

the seventeenth thing i am thankful for: brunch. (and becca.)

since i am back on track with making sure to cram my day full of activity, to avoid moping behavior, i had the brilliant thought to contact a dear 'art buddy' who always makes a delightful brunching partner. we chatted about all the various subjects and it was quite lovely.

plus, i got to hit up a spot i have been waiting to try for years: orange, on belmont and clark. i had the 'jelly donut pancakes' purely because of the fun name, and they were decadent and gratifying. we stuck it out for almost 2 hours! very nice. the coffee was good, and it tasted like oranges. it took me a while to notice. and i didn't even make the 'orange' connection until right about now. haha. how funny. we both had excellent fresh squeezed juice (i had apple/carrot/ginger) and i got some bacon! i love bacon. i can't believe i used to hate it.

now i'm in my old college coffee shop, catching up on various internet duties and drinking an almond italian soda. i got a lot of evanston errands done today, some involving holiday and birthday crafting materials...very exciting stuff. i look like i have set up a little nest here in the unicorn cafe, what with my enormous jacket and mutliple cloth bags and my ubiquitious eighteen layers of clothing in various places on the chairs.

i love being cozy on cold days.



ymyaskovskaya said...

You know what I'm not thankful for? When you're trying to get some work done at the library, and two people three feet away are practically about to create an addition to the human race. *blech*

Mitch said...

Unicorn!! I miss that place...and Evanston.

Incidentally, I'm grateful that I can read your blog when I should be listening in class.