November 10, 2008

back, and soon to get back in the good habit

...the good habit of posting once a day, that is.

i had some good excuses lately, what with the election tensions and fretting, followed by the happy excuse of my lovely cousin's wedding this last weekend, in omaha. i have decided in the last year that i really like omaha a lot. and it goes without saying that i like my extended family a whole lot...and how great that my cousin's husband (crazy to say that word!) is now part of that group! hooray!

it was a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and very fun wedding. and i returned to a very cold chicago--which was a perfect end, considering the fact that i quite enjoy winter weather.

my brother has been in and out of chicago with me the last few days, which has been a nice little blip of family. we went to the hopleaf last night, since he had no early morning engagements, and that was as good as always--as in very good. and it's always nice to have a brother about.

today i woke up late, and only because my mother called me. i am thankful for that--i think i might have slept until 4 pm without it. now i am endeavoring to organize my life, contemplating unpacking my suitcase, and realizing that time really flies.

in twenty days it will be thanksgiving. i'm trying to focus on what i am thankful for, instead of what blessings-in-disguise are still disguised for me. life really is good, even if i have been coming to the realization that it's very hard to be an adult. a lot of my favorite blogs have been discussing good ways to lead up to a thankful thanksgiving, and i have decided to take on the task by listing one thing i am thankful for--whether deep or seemingly trivial, no matter-- on each day of november leading up to thanksgiving.

today, i will ten, as i have missed out on a few november days previous!

  1. toast
  2. having multiple coats
  3. the chicago card i found in the middle of the crosswalk--with money on it
  4. my mac
  5. maggie
  6. michael
  7. james
  8. katie
  9. paul
  10. my landline, otherwise known as the direct line to mom
that's all for now. off to bundle up and see my brother off at his hotel!


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ymyaskovskaya said...

Aww...say how to your brother for me! I assume it's Paul, since I assume that Hopleaf is a bar or a coffee shot, neither of which your younger siblings should really go to.