November 25, 2008

25. michael landon does it again...

i just couldn't hold back from posting, since i finally watched it: the end of walnut grove.

i can honestly say i am soaked in tears right now, and that i was audibly bawling in bed at 1 am over a fake town full of people who are not real...feeling like i was at the funeral of a whole family of my dearest friends.

these made-for-tv-movies that ended it all were not at all what i expected.
firstly, they were set up like episodes, and i was expecting something along the lines of the premiere/pilot movie, which felt a lot like a feature length film in its pacing. these were just as back and forth as the usual episodes, despite being two hours long.
secondly, the whole stock of 'old' characters (mary, adam, nellie, even harriet olson) didn't show... which was sort of a letdown. although more realistic, i suppose.
and thirdly... they were, on an average, DEVASTATING. now, i often cry during even the happiest of episodes, since i am a sentimental old sap, but these were legitimate weepers. along the lines of 'i'll be waving as you drive away', 'a child with no name','may we make them proud' style sad.

well... off to sniffle my way to sleep, hopefully to dream about my 'friends' on tv. when you dream yourself into a tv show, should you worry about yourself?


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