November 5, 2008

metropolis coffee/pumpkin pie.

ok, i know that extremely recently i said noble tree was my favorite chicago coffee spot, but today i am almost reconsidering. i have been to metropolis before, but today, i like it more than i ever have. i think this slice of pumpkin pie is creating a powerful bias.

the bad coloring of this bad photo does not do it justice.. the pumpkin part is having an awesome effect on my brain: one bite: THANKSGIVING, two bite: CHRISTMAS, three bite: FIRST DAY OF FIFTH GRADE, etc. etc. it is an olfactory/taste trip down memory avenue. (like the way i avoid clichés? new clichés!) the crust is RIDICULOUS. it tastes like a glass of buttermilk. its crunchy and not greasy. it is terrible for me. i am so happy.

plus, i have been trying to detox because my coffee consumption is legitimately out of control, and i am thus trying out an AWESOME tea. it's ginger lime rooibos. i have already had two and a half cups of coffee today, so i guess i'm not really cutting down. but still. this tea is a start and it's gooood. now i am going to do a ton of excel work, while listening to fallish, girly, slightly-feeling-sorry-for-oneself folk music.

nice. very nice.

oh, and some nice people made me feel very good about myself this morning by writing me nice facebook comments. you give me more credit than deserved for fairness, but hey, i'll take it! :)


ymyaskovskaya said...

Oh, how I'm going to miss pumpkin pie this November!

Anna said...

That's a beautiful piece of pie...