May 8, 2009

poladroid fun

don't know how i've missed this: Poladroid

i suppose i am the last to find out, but maybe someone else missed the boat on all this fun, so i will share!

you download the sweetest little polaroid camera, which sits on your desktop, and then you drag your digital files right over to the camera, it makes an authentic polaroid sound, and then your pictures takes full minutes to process, looking for all the world like an actual polaroid!

it's so adorable, i am addicted!!!


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troubadour of what? said...

So you just introduced me to this, and at first I was a little peeved.

Actual polaroids are dying and it sucks, but after messing around with Poladroid, I'm quite happy. Once all the polaroids are gone, at least there's this. And I love how you have to restart it after you shoot 10 pictures!

I also have to steal this blog topic.