May 5, 2009

contemporary art morning

headed to the MCA with a friend to see these two big timers. despite my usual frustration with contemporary art, i do have a few wackos i am very fond of. olafur eliasson is someone i am very, very excited about. i will be sure to let you all know how these are!

buckminster fuller

olafur eliasson

*** later***

it was great--as expected, i found eliasson's portion to be much more exciting than fuller's, but both were well done in terms of exhibition.

the highlight for me was a piece of eliasson's called 'Room for one colour', which featured a hallway of yellow monochromatic light, which made every present figure appear to be black and white. it was fascinating to see yourself as though you'd jumped directly into an old movie!

i also enjoyed a piece called 'Ventilator'--a basic fan, hung by its cord from the ceiling, moving in an arc due to the motion of its own blade. strangely mesmerizing, notably so for the sound it made. a bit like the ocean.

i do like art, sometimes...

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ymyaskovskaya said...

We should do it again sometime. It was fun!