May 1, 2009

if i ever have to get a dog

i will get an airedale, because they look like adorable muppet-dogs

or a portuguese water dog, because i want to kidnap my friend norah's.
and come on, this doesn't even look like a real animal!!!

oh hahah or i want this one.

can't lie, poodle mixes are my favorite all around.
and they are so SMALL... how convenient.

well, this was definitely my dumbest post ever. and anyone who knows me knows i am NOT an animal person... how random. hope you all enjoyed this girly puppy moment. maybe i am lonely. haha.


1 comment:

becca fleming said...

I feel like those dogs could talk to you.... Like one of them would say in a very polite and manly voice, "pardon me, ma'am, but would you mind escorting me to the park for a moment? I feel as though I may be in need of a bit of sniffing. And I must say, that is a very becoming pashmina you're wearing today."