May 29, 2009

Home again.

Five days in and it's still a whirlwind!

I haven't yet slept in my own bed (guests abound this time of year at my parents' house) but I am settling in to being back home. I enjoyed the pool the first day in, in my new bathing suit (pictures to follow–it was cute, but needed some home modifications). I have been adjusting to the richer, more expensive, more delicious food (no hardship!) and to all the lovely company.

These last few days, my family has enjoyed the addition of more family. It is always fun to have cousins around, and to imagine what it might be like to have an even bigger group! We have had such fun with my aunt and uncle and their kids, who all came out to celebrate my brother's graduation. Last night brought my grandmother in, as well.

My brother James and I accompanied these visitors into New York yesterday–a trip that had me as much a tourist as my Atlanta-rooted relatives. I really don't know anything about the city! Moving will be quite the adventure. Of course, our tourist trek wasn't exactly in my new neighborhood...but, still. I have a whole new city to learn!

The best part of yesterday? The top of the Empire State Building in complete fog.


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