May 13, 2009

I should be in a bad mood!

Thankfully, I must have woken up resilient and optimistic this morning. Perhaps it was something in the chicken last night.

This is a blessing, because everything appears to be working against me today.

First, I woke up freezing cold, as rainy wind was blowing into my bedroom through my open window. Not only was this uncomfortable, but I was also coming out of a nightmare involving running mice, prompted by the sound of the blinds rat-a-tatting against my window pane. Yikes.

I was entirely exhausted, as the poor choice of drinking coffee last night at 9 pm didn't allow for a very easy sleep. However, I had plans to make a last trip out to the Green City Market, so I shoved myself out of bed. I knew they operated rain or shine, so I grabbed an umbrella and a waterproof bag and headed for the bus.

I waited approximately 20 minutes for that stupid bus–and then, as I sat down, he announced that he would only be going another block, and wouldn't be finishing his route. (Please keep in mind the persisting POURING RAIN.) One block later, I stood at the bus stop for another ten minutes before boarding another bus.

Caught up in a text message, I missed my stop for the market! I had to get off, turn around, and slosh through mud. I was so glad to get to the market, however, that my spirits were high. I ran, jubilant, over to some beautiful tomatoes. Mmmmm! They looked so delicious. I gathered together a bunch of them, and made myself a bag of watercress. I stood in a rainy line for my produce to be weighed, whipped out my wallet, and... WHAT?

I had four dollars in cash. That's it. No money. And you might not know this, but most farmers don't bring an ATM machine to market. I bought the watercress for $1.50, walked around for a few minutes, and hopped another bus. (To Trader Joe's, where I could use my debit card.)

Sighing at the 'cop-out' nature of ending up at a grocery store–albeit a good, 'green' one– when I had planned on delicious natural goods, I picked up some artichokes, tomatoes, yogurt and a cantaloupe. By this point I was very hungry.

Acting on this hunger, I came home and put some bread in the toaster. And burnt it absolutely black. I am eating it now, with yogurt.

And you know what? It really doesn't taste that bad. When it rains, it pours...but I have always liked rain. I have a presentation later today at the Children's Museum, and while I am pretty sure something will go wrong (Power outage as I start my Power Point? Spinach in my teeth? Embarrassing spoonerism?) I am still in a positive mindset about it all.

Nonetheless, I hope your day goes a bit smoother than mine!



ymyaskovskaya said...

Aw. *HUGS*

SB said...

I hope your thursday was smoother than your wednesday! Miss you