February 16, 2009


anna has to leave today. i am too sad about it to even give a good recap of her visit this weekend, so i will save that for later. right now we are lounging, marveling at our lethargy, wondering if we might be just a bit ill, eating a strange combination of foods and drinking coffee and water, and watching pollyanna. which is one the best movies ever. my family watches it every fourth of july--since hayley mills' "and crown they good with braaaaaaaaaaaaatherhood" is so moving.

we both think the best part is the cake at the bazaar.

something about hanging out with anna makes me use google in a very funny way. i basically type in the result i want instead of searching the right way. in any case, i wanted to find a recipe for this delicious cake and i think i might have hit the nail on the head thanks to this neat-looking blog!

check this out!

i can't wait to give it a go--if it works out i will be a devoted reader. and i love her photo--i was just looking at a little teapot like hers at whole foods yesterday. so sweet!

well... i am sad about anna's departure, but i am glad to have a friend like anna to miss. see? i can play the glad game with the best of them...


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