February 9, 2009

grilled brie sandwich.

oh my... how is it that this delicious thought never occurred to me until now?

i love grilled cheese and most people do. i pretended not to for a long time because i thought it was uncouth to enjoy fattening food. i was a lame-o. in any case, it's delicious. weekend anna and i like the grilled cheese at twin anchors* best, if we're eating out--it's ridiculous, you should eat it. but today i was so inspired and i will tell you why.

duh! half the goodness of grilled cheese is how fried and buttery (or margarine-y) it is, right? let's not kid ourselves. i don't even profess to like fried food that much--i am not one of those people who thinks the one way to make something better is to fry it up--but when it comes to something like grilled cheese the whole point is the greasy goodness. usually, grilled cheese is made of some kind of pathetic cheese like american, since the point isn't delicious cheese, but a gooey, greasy mess.

but today all i wanted to do was poke a fork into the brie i had in the fridge, cut into the wrong way and do away with the rind, and spread it like butter on bread. and that's when it occured to me! i could make a lethal grilled cheese! i have made creamed cheese grilled cheese before (awesome) and i loved the way the spreadable cheese made for a hot, thin sandwich. brie had the same effect. and for the greased up outside of the sandwich, i mixed margarine and MORE brie.

this is the most delicious heart attack i have ever had. if i hadn't eaten the whole thing in under a minute, i would post a picture. please, go make one now.


* twin anchors is doubly awesome because it's where return to me is filmed. which is NOT cheesy, and is probably the second best chick flick with bonnie hunt in it ever. the first is obviously only you. seriously. cinematic achievement.

HEY ANNA: "bonnie hunt... lives... in... chicago. search!" haha.

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Reality Chick said...

Put some garlic in your butter on a grilled cheese (so many cheeses to choose from) and it's to die for. Pair it with the right wine (any wine will do! LOL) and you've got "la petite mort". Be sure too google that phrase!! Bon appetit!