February 7, 2009

i feel so relaxed!

the weather today is truly a gift.

it is 50 degrees, sunny, breezy, warm, and beautiful. the lake is a pristine blue sheet. i woke up in a great mood--second day in a row--to a friendly breakfast of yogurt, honey, toast, and one organic egg. my coffee was strong and i felt absolutely in love with the world. the rhinitis i had yesterday is also gone! could it be the sunshine?

i did something crazy today--i went outside and jogged. yes, i know other people run and swim and actually do taxing things to exercise, but i fell out of the habit when i realised that my motivations for working out were entirely, 100% vanity-based. so it's been a few years of lethargy for me. in any case, i was ridiculously out of shape but it was fun! and it was great to see the lake and think about the nice fact that, as out of shape as a person can get, they always have the choice to reform. (we'll see... i can't say this will be habit!)

i let myself window shop after a bit of that, walking around and in and out of things over on rush st. and such. i got a free hand treatment at some soap shop, and enjoyed some vicarious shopping at anthropologie (it's great not to have any money), and just enjoyed the smiles on everyone's faces on the street.

i stopped in to l'artisan parfumerie (my favorite perfume house) and sprayed a very floral choice all over myself for a bit of added aromatherapy... anyone who's smelled me knows i really don't wear florals (bring on the amber! tea! musk! wood! bourbon!) but this was the day for La Chasse aux Papillons. that, mixed with the sweet almond oil all over my arms from my free hand treatment, was a sweet smell of a preview of spring.

i came home and did some yoga with the windows open, and the sun streaming through onto my face, and the breeze on my toes and neck, and the sound of the wind on my building like a gently lapping set of waves had me transported to the beach. when i finished my salutation i just laid on my mat, in and out of sleep and utterly blissing out!



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