February 24, 2009

a lovely thing.

yesterday was my 100th post--today i will celebrate my 101st post with something truly beautiful.

i saw this on design*sponge today and it made me cry.
it's so nice, i don't want to spoil it by writing anything else right now.

but... i did find my water bottle. :)


troubadour of what? said...

Very cool video - one of my friends tuned me into it a few weeks ago. Also, did your mom ever receive wedding pictures? I gave a disc to Sheila to send, but I don't know if it went out.

Vanessa Soberanis said...

I put this exact same post on my personal livejournal! Isn't it just the most beautiful thing ever? I am finding ee tend to prance around the same blogs. Even though I found this video first on cartoonbrew, I saw it a couple days later on one of my fav design blogs(designsponge of course), and now here!

Thank you so much for all the sweet things you have said about my animation :) It's always nice to hear. It's never too late to make movies if you ever get curious. Especially since you are an artist, and it looks like you are a crafter too, animation is especially fun to get into. I love your blog! reminds me a bit of jeanna sohn's blog.