February 6, 2009

oh wow if you wanted to buy me a gift

ok this is the prettiest thing i have ever seen.

i don't buy jewelery (unless it's from H&M) and i am not one of those people who keeps up with clothing or jewelery or anything... but when i saw this on design*sponge this morning i just about died. all of her other things are lovely as well...but this one ripped me right out of my seat and made my palms sweaty.

in middle school, i had this fascination with the idea of engagement rings. not really engagement, per se, or rings, but engagement rings. i still think they are one of the most romantic things around, and i love that they have been something humans have done for so long. in any case, i have this thing about simplicity... and i hate whopper-of-a-diamond rings, because they lack any kind of sweetness and they would never look quaint when you're old, or when your great great granddaughter is wearing them.

i was so sure i wanted a pearl engagement ring. of course, my mom told me that would be sad, because the whole point of a diamond is that it will hold up, and my imaginary engagement ring would be liable to crack and fall apart and that would not be symbolically prudent. :)

in any case... wouldn't this take your breath away, anyway? pearls are so romantic when they are portrayed naturally (as opposed to the preppy way they are sometimes set). this ring just looks like it was born.


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margottt said...

SO pretty! i have to show you the pearl ring my grandma gave me - i think you'd dig.