February 28, 2009

learning to be still again!

well, i have had quite the social/busy streak lately, which has been nice in its way, but hasn't left me much time for crafting, finishing up some projects sitting on my sewing desk (one of which is darning the sweater i usually wear EVERY night while putzing around --cassie it's your pretty tan one!---, another of which is Weekend Anna's bag, which is in pieces and not a bit sewn...)

today i vowed to stay at home, clean everything, plan up some sunday dinner for tomorrow, at least START one of my projects, and to kick the cold i am having. it's freezing out, so my restrictions are not bothering me a bit. i stuck to journeys born of necessity (trader joe's and Mass for Lent) and i am listening to some big band favorites on full blast, thanks to iTunes radio, and i bought ***flowers*** at the grocery store. so nice!!!

i used to think my mom was nuts with all her fresh flowering all the time, in nearly every room, but man have i ever caught the bug. they just make me feel so happy, even when i get that feeling that the clutter is going to eat me. and they smell nice, and they look so nice in old wine bottles! i have not been very good with plants, historically, and when i was in a position to recieve them, romantically speaking, i always felt so stressed when i killed them! i'm thinking if i get really good at keeping my cut flowers looking good, i will move on to learning how to be diligent with little potted things. it's a nice trait in a person.

well, i am off to some relaxed cleaning and enforced calm. here are some lovely flower shots for my dear readers!


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Anna said...

Pretty flowers! I used to keep fresh cut flowers at NU. I haven't had many flowers here as of yet but spring will change that.
I'm excited for my bag but don't stress at all over it. I miss you much!