February 25, 2009

the ladylike project

lora and i decided, last weekend, that something had to be done about our level of ladylike behaviour.

it was way, way below the pioneer/victiorian standard.

our main reproachable behaviours? less-than-lovely language, occasional slips in terms of using the Lord's name in vain, and less than grateful expressions about our appearances. added to that, we won't stand for certain things in visitors to our apartment, such as misogynstic comments.

we devised a series of fines (some things are weightier fines than others) and we have been duly paying up, and occasionally forcing others to do the same. it's a bit of a tyrant move, but hey--it's improvement. we are very dedicated, and we hold each other to the honor system when we're not around each other. it's both amusing and highly annoying, since we are neither of us abundantly rich at the moment.

i owe a good deal of money already...but it's already improving my language!

and doesn't lora make the PRETTIEST tissue paper flowers??? such a talented girl.



Cassie said...

What are you going to spend the fines on?

lora said...

Papermoon, i can answer this question.
hello miss, thank you for your inquiry. the fines will be split between sarah and me, and we are going to give them to our respective congregations' donations boxes.
i miss you!