April 14, 2009

weeks upon weeks.

been two weeks!

i had a few rounds of visitors--this has been my record year--and then a trip home to celebrate Easter. work has been busy as well; today is day one of the workshop i have been writing. wish me luck.

i haven't been too crafty as of late. more overwhelmed than creative. sometimes overwhelmed with joy, but a bit crazy as well. the lingering sinus issues weren't helping either. however, after today's class my life should be more predictable and may in fact reclaim that illusion of being master of my own schedule. the fascinating trip to the ENT i had last week may also prevent further maladious sick days--who knew heartburn and digestive problems are connected to sinus infections?!!

i will likely be posting quite a bit in the next month, as i have decided to really embrace a joyful 'carpe diem' sensibility and really blast into spring with lots of creativity and fun trip-taking.

you see, i am moving away from my dear chicago in five weeks.

i think i have known i would be moving for quite some time. my funds are exceedingly low--basically, i am long-term borrowing at the moment-- and i have no prospects, career wise, in chicago. i kept my fingers crossed and tried not to think about where i would be headed when my lease ran out, but at a certain point you have to face the facts. i will be moving home with my parents, in NJ, memorial day weekend. it feels very soon.

of course, i am sad. chicago is my favorite city, and the last nearly five years have been wonderful and very formative. i am trying not to look at this like a closing door, and i am certainly not silly enough to think i can never come back. but at this point, this is the right decision. an economy like this certainly doesn't justify my being such a financial burden on my parents, and i can do all the job searching i have been doing here just as well from my little town in jersey.

and i will dearly miss everyone here in chicago. but i will be near the family i miss all the time. i suppose life isn't simple enough to allow for a moment where you don't feel like someone is missing.

in any case, i intend to make the most of the remaining weeks in the windy city. i just wish the weather would cheer up instead of preemptively mourning the loss of me!



becca fleming said...

My tears are going to be joyful ones, because I'm excited for you and happy to hear you embracing your trip!

... also, I am sickly fascinated by this digestive system/heartburn/sinus connection... please share all the disgusting details soon!


ymyaskovskaya said...


You should read my top 5 of culture for Lane's class. And you should comment. It would be entertaining.