April 23, 2009

summer job excitement

moving is such an emotional rollercoaster!

after a few hours of being alternately weepy and determinedly optimistic over the phone to my accommodating mother last night, this morning am just laughing at the ups and downs of my psyche as it attempts to deal with change. never been my forte!

in any case, my chin has been up quite a bit higher about everything since nailing down my plans for the summer. (my job search has actually been a lot more fruitful, in general, since i directed it to NJ.)

this june i will be running the art (and possibly cooking!) end of things at a day camp at my elementary school. it's extra exciting because this drop-in day camp is a new idea for the program, so i get a lot of freedom in terms of what i want to teach. plus, it's little tykes: likely K-2nd grade, which will be delightful.

then, in july and early august, i will be the 2D/3D art director at the SIG day program at Stuart Country Day in princeton. 4th, 5th, and 6th graders...very exciting... and i get to set the curriculum, which should be a great challenge. comparable to my current work at the Children's Musuem, but with a bit of an older set.

here's what i dug up... this appears to be where i will set up shop:

i am especially excited about the campus of Stuart. during the school year, it is an all-girls Sacred Heart school, and one i am especially interested in. i actually applied for the summer position so i could scope out their campus...part of my long term interest in all-girls education.

the website has a really neat 'architectural tour':
take a tour of the pretty things!

alright-- off to get dressed and such for my current job. can't get ahead of myself!



Sheila said...

Hi Sarah - I am at a day long conference and have some time to multitask. I took a look at your blog and and so pleased that you have plans you are excited about for this summer.

I am glad it is you and not me - art ideas! Yuk! :-)

ymyaskovskaya said...

I'm so happy for you! This is so exciting!