April 28, 2009

anthropologie-inspired headbands

anthropologie is a great source for research.

i love to window shop there and get ideas, especially for crafting fun gifts for friends.

a few weeks ago, my friend leigh admired these headbands, which fetch a mean price of anywhere from 32.00 to 38.00.

i decided to whip up my own version for her birthday.

i just put together some fabric flowers with bead accents, sewed them onto a fabric strip base, and then attached them to the headbands with a series of tight thread loops. they looked adorable in her hair this weekend!

here are a few detail shots.

sorry about the blurry one. i think i need a new camera.

make yourself some! spring has sprung!



becca fleming said...

oh they look so pretty! They're WAY prettier than the anthro ones too! I'm in LOVE with that last one with the knit brown flower. You're so talented! xoxo

ymyaskovskaya said...

I want one for my birthday too! :P