April 20, 2009

i can't stop laughing!

i love insidecatholic.com, and i read it almost every day. the site is basically a collecting forum for various opinion pieces, editorials, news briefs, and informational articles and reviews as relates to Catholicism (Church and culture).

on sundays, there is usually a "Sunday Comics" post--which I don't often read. it's a fun novelty, as the man who updates it takes his offerings from archives and most of the comics are from the 50's, which means they have a very sweet, classic look (and some hilarious slang).

i went on this morning and felt drawn to the comic because it was so utterly random--it's about 'spring cleaning'! for whatever reason, i think it's hilarious.

i hope you all enjoy 'patsy manners' and her great ideas. hahah.

check out the rest of the panels (the full comic) here: patsy manners.


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becca fleming said...

Well gee wiz! I think I've got some yarn lying around, and with all your fabric! By golly, lets whip up some great new curtains and a couple pillow cases! Boy howdy! Pompoms and everything!