March 26, 2009

popcorny perfection

i can't believe it's 11:30 at night and i am this awake (without caffeine). i have work tomorrow! i have Mass in the morning! what am i thinking?

i think i need to get back into the pattern of exercising to get my body back to getting tired.

in any case, anyone who knows me knows that i try not to eat after 11 pm, because i know that what the 'hunger' i feel as soon as the clock strikes 11 is actually probably just my stomach kicking into digestion mode, thinking that i am asleep.

today i gave in, and ate popcorn. and i discovered something great!

my parents called uncharacteristically late tonight, as they are on a weekend trip and wanted to let me know they reached their destination. by force of some coincidental fate, my mama was eating popcorn--just what i'd been craving. i started to complain about the effort of it (i don't eat microwave popcorn--overpriced and i hate the 'butter' smell) because i haven't had good luck lately in my 20 year old microwave with the brown paper bag method, and i hate shaking pot over the stove for 20 minutes. but then my mom laid the tip on me: heat the oil FIRST, sans kernels... and when it starts to get hot, just throw in kernels to test if its ready!

maybe that's the obvious way, and you all already did it... but it was news to me and it made the whole thing 100% easier!

hooray for the most delicious healthy snack in the world.


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Anna said...

That popcorn looks so good!